Thursday, March 22, 2007

ID in UK, Professor A C Grayling in John Stewart Mill and Actual Liberty says no....

I just wanted to comment about the justification of no ID that was made in this lecture: John Stewart Mill and Actual Liberty by Professor A C Grayling and reported by Thomas Papworth in his blog: He do so by using the comparison with the 2nd world war: perhaps they were even more than 300 000 soldiers on the other side of the channel, perhaps you had many bombs a day, but you knew mainly who were your ennemy (beside the spies etc...which by the way are still in function nowaday; )

In the case of terror, the ennemy is AMONG us. I dont want to say that as a abad catch phrase for a movie, but for me, it's true that it far more difficult today than before to know who is the ennemy. That's the purpose of the ID.

Then, Thomas say that there is bombs only few days a year. Ok. But then is worth not doing anything?

Finally, i have one question for you thomas: do you think that terrorists will stop if all the western governements stop fighting them? Personnaly i think that it is a yes anser on the long run...

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