Sunday, October 22, 2006


Islam nowaday is suffering from poverty and low education. That's the main points that lead to division.
When i see what's happening in Irak between Sunni and Shia, it's hard for me not to disbelief this religion. It's hard for me to condamn what's happening in Israel. In comparision, what Israel leaders are doing to palestinians, it's nothing! Just have an outlook in what two brotherhood of islam are doing.
I really think what's happening there is no more a matter of religion, it's a matter of power and politics. When the king left, everyone wanted to take its seat. That's all! And you can find 100's of reasons to divide people, to form parties, to rise tension etc.. And that led to what we all can see.

And please have a further look to what's happening in most arabian countries: if the power in place is open, and doesn't block parties, you will see poping up 10s of parties. Just like in morocco, there are about 20! What the heck do you want to do with 20 parties.

Do you want to discuss? Well, you all know the "divide to reign" (diviser pour mieux regner). And that's exactly what happened in morocco. And that's exactly what's happening in muslim countries. It's only a matter of politics.

People use a common weekness: PEOPLE WANT TO HAVE POWER/CONTROL over other lives, people want to be the CHIEF, the leader (just look at all the books about how to become a leader, there is no one on how to become a follower! ;)And then people use religion, to divide and create communities.

You can stick on sayidouna Ali or Mohammed to base your belief. But don't forget one thing: islam came after christianism to avoid any hierarchy. The main point why islam is so great is that your belief is directly linked to god. And perhaps that's it's main wakness too. Because, people don't know where to have more information on how to practice their religion and it gives room to people coming out and telling you what to practice, what to say, what to behave, WHAT TO BE! And when you add that to a low education rate, you end by having people fighting each other on what's the right behavior!

And some people are making money from that! I know that some people are doing that in wrong, but truely oriented way. But others are just doing that with fake intentions, to increase their wealth! I say that through my moroccan experience of religious leaders. Some of them, do not pay anything in life, have great cars, and wherever they go, they are hosted like a half-god. Anyone remembers Sayidouna Mohamed (saaos) or ALi behaving like that. And please don't tell me that it's the pleasure of people to give them things: it's like a sect, you do that, because you are waiting for something, you think that the religious leader might open heaven doors, or in a more pragmatic way, open some politic doors or whatever door he has the key! ;)

So please to the one (kashif - houston) who is saying that Shia and Sunni are different. That's what people brainwash people every day to legitimate that difference.

Oh I am so sad that people are just doing the same mistake, Iraq is becoming a kind of SAINT BERTHELEMY ( but in worse way as there is equal power in both sides, so it will hardly end only by the fights!). Wat's happening is worse than the differences between protestants and catholics.

Well, war after war (vietnam, iraq), fight after fight (protestants/catholics, Shia/sunni), people don't learn from history...c'est décourageant.

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  1. You are right, real leadership is required and to educate people, everyone has right to live freely.